About me


My name is Pavel Todorov, I am a specialist in psychotherapeutical consulting. To help people be happy and live out the beauty of their lives is something that makes sense to me. For years the major driving force has always been the ambition to get to know the surroundings – Life.

In 2004 I was invited by a therapist to work together in an elite holistic centre in Istanbul. This was a crucial moment for my furthur professional and personal divelopment. What followed was a sequence of sessions ( hundred or more ) with people of different nationalities. We worked in centres in Istanbul, Ankara, Ismir and Dubai.

In 2005 I got my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. In 2005 I got a Master’s degree in Reiki and I started using it in my job. Reiki won me with the fact that it is an exceptionally transforming method of regaining the balance and harmony.

In 2010 life introduced Dr.Bach’s flower remedies treatment to me. His knowledge of human nature corresponded to all I had learnt through the years and defined my future work with flower remedies.

In 2011 I set up my centre for holistic support called “ Alegra “.

You can contact me on my number 00359894664432 or by using the form in my “Contacts” page.