Children’s Psychologist

Детски психолог

Children are known for their purity and high sensitivity. A lot of things in this world they face for the first time turn out to be the reason for furthur emotional and behaviour problems. Similar to adults, children also have their inner world and go through the events with their sensitivity. That is why it is very important for us to understand our children and tha way they perceive the world.

As a children’s psychologist, I can offer my professional help with these problems:

–          Stammering

–          Lack of confidence

–          Difficulties with writing and reading

–          Distruction

–          Adaptation to school education

–          Communication with children, coevals and adults

–          signs of hyperactivity

–          special features of physical development

–          behavioural problems

–          wetting bed

–          hysterical cries

–          clearly defined property feeling and jelousy

–          if your child is afraid of the dark and has nightmares

–          other fears

–          stress with the loss of a relative / friend, devorce etc.

In my work with children I offen use Dr.Bach’s flower remedies treatment because this method is effective harmless with no side effects.