Цветолечение на Д-р Бах

Лечение по метода на Д-р Бах

Bach’s therapy

This is a simple and natural way of treatment using essence exracted from wild plants’ flowers. The method was created by the English doctor Edward Bach at the beginning of 19th century. Now it’s successfully used by therapists from all over the world.

“ Illnesses are physical symptoms of definite emotional states and before one part of the body gets sick, this affects the personality by means of emotion, which prevent the body from normal functioning. Therefore, if we want to work on the real cause for the illness, we have to harmonize these emotions.” – this is what Dr.Bach said.

Contemporary science has already proved the interrelation between a person’s psycho-emotional state and their physical health. A large number of people are already convinced that positive thinking and good mental health lead to health, cheerfulness and vitality. And vise versa – negative and gloomy thoughts cause drop in vital process and illness coming forward.

What is neccessary is to remove the blockages that follow negative thoughts and fillings and to restore harmony and balance within us.

Essence in Dr.Bach system have energy vibrations which interact with a man’s energy field and harmonize it. Thus they regain emotional balance and help us feel a flow of new power and vital energy. Bach’s therapy is successfully applied with cases of:

–          Fear, anxiety, unrest

–          Insecurity

–          Low spirits

–          Stress

–          Mental and physical tiredness

–          Hot temper, anger

–          Criticism

–          Unhealthy jealousy

–          Sadness

–          Apathy

–          Despair

–          Melancholy

–          Loneliness

–          Sense of guilt

–          Lack of confidence, indecisiveness

–          Depression

–          An inferiority complex

–          Fear neuroses

–          Insomnia

–          Adaptation to changes

–          Psychic traumas

–          Behavioural derangement

–          Addiction

–          Psychoses

–          Neuroses

–          A number of chronic illnesses and etc.

Essences are taken in as liquids. Side effects of Bach’s therapy are not known. Absolutely harmless for pregrant women, babies and children. No danger of overdose and combination with other forms of treatment is not a problem.